February 2, 2017

Hana speaking on 'Rural Futurism' for Twins in Brighton

Twins is a new series of architecture talks - exploring difficult alliances, strange bedfellows and new relationships, to which Hana has been invited to discuss the topic of 'Rural Futurism' at the next event, alongside Owen Hatherley, Dr Rosemary Shirley and Ken Worpole.

The debate will discuss a theme we are constantly exploring as a regional practice: the role of rural places in the development and experimentation with new ideas. Is it possible to be both modern and rural? Or is modernism an urban condition? What histories of radical modernism exist outside urban centres and what sort of futures do they suggest? Is the city the centre of rationalism and the countryside a place of superstitions and arcane beliefs? Is the rural always a backwater and the city always the centre?

Curated by Robert Mull and Charles Holland of the University of Brighton, the event will take place on Thursday 9th February at The Nightingale Room, Brighton, 6.30pm to 9.30pm, compered by Gemma Barton.


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