September 22, 2016

Hopton Yard houses on sale now

Would you like to live in a house designed by us? We don't tend to take on private residential projects, but a small housing development that we've designed for Nest Development is about to finish on site, and is now on sale - you can see more information on the dedicated website here or on the Modern House website.

Our ambition for the project was to create characterful dwellings that reflect the distinctive nature of east Suffolk but that showcase our own approach and response to contemporary life. The site has a really unusual topography, cut into the slope of a hill, and the houses look out over wonderful water meadows to the back, which we have celebrated through creating first floor living areas and more sheltered, private ground floors.

The houses are, we feel, possibly a little bit of Essex in Suffolk, with their palette of hand-made clay tile cladding and white painted weatherboarding. We're really happy about how they are turning out and can't wait to see them come to life as they become occupied.


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