August 11, 2015

V&A Secretariat works receive listed building consent

We're delighted that we have received listed building consent for our little project at London's most wonderful museum, at least if you are a designer. If we are ever lacking inspiration, spending a few hours wandering around the V&A, getting lost in ceramics or textiles or sculpture from around the world, is a sure-fire cure - we're incredibly lucky to have such an amazing museum freely available for everyone to explore.

Unfortunately most members of the public won't get to see our work, as it is strictly in the back-of-house areas at the moment! We've been working to remodel the Secretariat [office wing] entrance, which - unlike the rest of the V&A - has a definitely shabby air about it at present. Understandably, the museum team want it to embody the values and quality of the V&A just as much as the front-of-house areas, particularly as it is the first point of contact for the many visiting curators, artists, patrons and other VIPs who are directed to this entrance for meetings, private views, and other events. We're thrilled that we were asked to work on this, enlarging the reception area to be more functional and secure, and creating a beautiful yet restrained environment in which to welcome visitors.

Being a Grade 1 listed building, we have worked carefully on how to adapt the existing fabric, while we quickly realised that meeting the brief required one fairly intrusive intervention to take place. We're delighted to have made the case successfully to English Heritage and the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea, and to have their support now confirmed.


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