April 14, 2015

Hana joins Creative Colchester board

We are used to fielding questions about why we set up our practice here in Colchester, rather than in London. There are lots of reasons for that - some random, some conscious - and we are both nourished and challenged by our location.

As part of that it's really important to us that we are engaged locally on a variety of levels, both professional and personal. From being a school governor (Tom) to being a trustee of a local music festival (Hana), from our work with Hythe Forward to supporting the St Botolphs crew, the role of 'citizen architect' is an important part of our identity.

I'm really happy to have been invited to join the renewed Creative Colchester board, which brings together institutions and practitioners to advise on the strategic direction and investment priorities to support the arts and creative business sectors in the borough. It's early days yet, and an earlier version of this steering group had a rather stuttering trajectory, but I hope that we can band together and make this something that really does push forward the town's agenda.


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