April 1, 2015

Gasworks starts on site

We're very excited to be on site with the renewal of the wonderful Gasworks art gallery and studio complex in south London. It's been a long process to get to this point, as is typical for non-profit arts projects, but the Gasworks team have done an incredible job in building support and funding for the project, which really will be transformative for an organisation that already punches above its weight.

So now the Victorian building has been stripped right back to basics and is being slowly put back together again. So far, getting the scaffolding up has revealed the brickwork is in worse shape than hoped (showing why you should never repoint old brickwork with hard cement mortar, and why when you do repoint, you must rake out the joints sufficiently), but the timber roof structure is in better nick. And there are some decidedly odd steelwork junctions where the original builders clearly had a bodge moment. Who says the Victorians always built really well! There's also a bit of amusing 'repointing' on the street facade where someone filled it in with silicon mastic rather than mortar.

But it's all coming together, and it was wonderful to tour some of the patrons and funders of the project around just before Easter. We'll post more photos in due course.


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