July 24, 2013

Studio in the Woods

We were really happy to be invited by Studio Weave to visit Studio in the Woods earlier this month and give a short talk.  Studio in the Woods takes a bunch of students into the woods (no, really) to build experimental timber structures hands-on over a long weekend in teams working with a range of fantastic practising architects, and is the kind of thing that we would love to see more of in formal architectural education.

What more can you ask from a summer's weekend than to saw, joint and bend wood, eat together at long tables in a farmyard, and sit around a campfire sharing ideas. We rushed down from a site visit to talk about our projects from the perspective of construction and pragmatics, for a change, and it was really fun to talk about all the stuff that we don't normally get to air, as journalists rarely relay all the stuff we tell them about how interesting our deflection head details are.

Tom's time as a sandwich course placement and then a Part 1 employee  at Paxton Locher, going from the drawing office to polishing concrete floors on site, and my time building at the Rural Studio in Alabama, were completely formative experiences in terms of how we understand building and architecture. We love making, prototyping in our own workshop, working with companies and suppliers to develop new ways of doing things, so being able to go to Studio in the Woods was a real pleasure. Thanks for having us!


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