March 1, 2013

Some thoughts on our work ethic

We were asked by Bauman Lyons to write a guest blogpost on the working culture of our studio, to tie into their current 5-in-4 day trial. It was interesting to reflect on how we work and what we've learnt about the office dynamic that we try to cultivate.

You can read our whole post here, which touches on the personal and the professional, but what we realised that we've learnt over the last five years is that we're really uninterested in clockwatching. Sure, if you work with us you will be contracted to do a certain number of days or hours, but really we want to set people tasks to do, and trust them to do them by their deadline, rather than impose a 9-6 day. (Of course, this is within reason. The office has to be staffed five days a week!) We look for hard workers and a sense of responsibility, but also we like to work with people who have other projects and interests outside of their work with us, and you should organise your time to make this work for us all.

There's been a lot of debate around flexible working recently, and how this impacts (or is perceived to impact) on the quality of the work that is done. Until we wrote our post for Bauman Lyons we had never actually told any of our collaborators, consultants or clients how we structure our work patterns (not just Tom and Hana's, but all the team) in order to get our jobs done. We are proud of achieving a high intensity and quality of work while also making sure that a work-life balance is maintained. We have never compromised on a deadline or our ambition for quality, and we believe all our boring-but-important systems (quality control, contingency and continuity planning) are robust. We will get your job not only done, but done to our high standards.


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