March 10, 2013

Jerwood Gallery wins Civic Trust Award

We were really delighted that the Jerwood Gallery was honoured with a Civic Trust Award on Saturday evening. From 263 entries, only 32 projects were given the Award this year, so it's a great tribute to the whole team, the client and to Hastings Borough Council who stuck to their ambition for this project. We're particularly happy as the Civic Trust give awards to "projects of the highest quality design, but only if they are judged to have made a positive cultural, social or economic contribution to the local community." The citation was very generous and said: ?The new gallery is situated on the seafront, set amongst the black painted clinker net shops that are unique to Hastings. Employing hand glazed tiles, the colour and consistency is meticulously copied from the mathematical tiles which are a part of the local vernacular, their surface being slightly irregular, rippling the reflections of the scenery that surround the building. This is a gallery capable of displaying large pieces of contemporary art which, remarkably, sits comfortably with traditional buildings whose scale is often more modest. Internally, windows are positioned to remind the visitor of the gallery’s unique location and the palette of interior finishes and colours enables the visitor to enjoy the gallery and its surroundings as a single harmonious entity. Extensive community involvement throughout the development of the project illustrates how a sensitive design process can deliver a sensitive design solution. "The contribution that this building makes to the locality is profound."


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