October 11, 2012

Recent publishings

Muuratsalo - Aalto Experimental House (9)

We've had a few bits and pieces in various journals recently.

We were asked by Building Design to write about a building that inspired us. It was hard to choose within the constraints of being reachable in a day trip, and not already picked by someone else, and we couldn't get to our first choice (Aalto's wonderful self-built, experimental house in Muuratsalo in the time limit, so we've used this as an excuse to post a photo of it's utter wonderfulness above. Instead, we went very local (and cheap on the travel expenses!) and chose Alison & Peter Smithson's Economist Plaza in London. Perhaps it's a predictable choice - we learnt later that several people had thought of choosing it before - but it's no less brilliant and inspiring for that. The article we wrote (including photos of us, reluctantly!) is here.

Hana was sent by Architecture Today to review the new pier pavilion at Southend. Unfortunately she didn't think much of it, and now feels very bad for the extremely nice project architect. You can read her thoughts here.

Hana was also asked by Icon magazine to write about Juan Herreros' Casa Garoza, which she liked very much. Read her thoughts here if you are interested.

We're always interested to write about other buildings and miscellaneous topics of interest, so get in touch if you feel like it.

Finally, the Jerwood Gallery was featured in the Brick Bulletin which is always a good read if you're interested in the subject. The main feature in the magazine was on the Swedish architect Johan Celsing, who has done some quite wonderful work, so it's worth downloading the whole issue here but if you don't want to, you can read our bit here.


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