September 13, 2012

Photo competition!

When we were designing the Jerwood Gallery, and the Stade still looked like this, we had one view that we often thought about. This was how the building would look as a backdrop to the many festivals and celebrations that happen on the Stade all year round. So far, for various reasons - events happening at night, in the rain, with lots of ugly security fencing (Olympic Torch Relay, we're looking at you), photographer unavailability - we haven't managed to get a really good photo of this happening.

So we thought we'd open it out to you! This weekend (15-16 Sept) is the fantastic Seafood and Wine Festival, the weather looks like it will be gloriously sunny, so we thought we'd do a little competition for the best photo of the Gallery and the Festival. In our minds eye, we think this might be taken looking across the Stade (maybe even from the Angling Club?) over the sea of stalls, but we're totally open to any interpretation of the brief.

And we *do* have a prize...we can't afford cash, but the Gallery team have kindly offered a year's membership of the Gallery to the winning entrant. You can find out the perks here, but basically you get free entry to the Gallery and lots of discounts/special invites.* In return, we'd like to be able to use your photo in any of our PR (press, website etc) as well as in a little booklet we're planning to make about the project (we'll send you that too, when we get round to finishing it). You'd be credited, of course!

Send your entries to us at, post them to Twitter @hatprojects, and thanks for taking part!

*PS - if you already have Gallery membership, we'll find you something else of similar don't worry!


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