August 1, 2012

News update

We've been really busy this spring/summer with getting the High House Artists' Studios project up to tender stage, and we've also got a few other pieces of news to share.

We were recently extremely honoured to receive a Public and Community Award from the Sussex Heritage Trust, for the Jerwood Gallery. We're very happy about this as we worked hard to create a building that is confidently of its time, while also respectful and in dialogue with the very delicate historic setting in which it sits. The judges said, “This project shows how well a modern building can be integrated into an historic setting. The linking views were chosen carefully and augmented the experience of viewing the art. A very mature piece of work and a positive asset for Hastings.”

Hana also recently took part in the first debate in the Architecture Foundation's new series of talks on Art and Architecture, If You Build It, Will They Come. It was a great evening of discussion with Tom Dyckhoff chairing and Victoria Pomery (director of the Turner Contemporary, Margate), Peter Jenkinson (cultural broker and first director of The New Art Gallery Walsall), Donna Lynas (Artistic director, Wysing Arts Centre) on the panel.

Lastly, we've been feeling pretty shy about the publicity received by the Jerwood Gallery when it opened in March but at the same time, we're really happy with comments received from both press and (more importantly?) the public. We've finally got round to uploading some of the reviews and you can find them here.


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