July 19, 2011

Some recent press, and an interesting brick

We've been lucky enough to have some lovely press recently.

First up, Eleanor Young at the RIBA Journal writes about the Jerwood Gallery here.

And in Building Design magazine, there's a feature on the hand-glazed ceramic cladding of the Gallery here.

We were also chosen as one the BD Twitter 100 - to our surprise, as there are some great architects and commentators on the list! But we recently hit the small milestone of 400 followers and if you are one of them, thanks so much for being interested in us.

There was also a mention and picture of the Jerwood Gallery in Country Life recently (!) in a feature on seaside arts and regeneration.

In an aside, we were fascinated that in the same issue of BD as our cladding feature, there was a project using a form of brick cladding we hadn't come across before. This brick is the conceptual reverse of the mathematical tiles that were one of the inspiration for the Gallery cladding. Where mathematical tiles are a hung tile system pretending to look like brick, the Tilebrick is a brick in terms of the way it is shaped and laid, but pretending to look like hung tile cladding in the clever way the front face is shaped and overhangs. It thus avoids some of the maintenance difficulties of a traditional hung tile (not, we hasten to add, an engineered rainscreen like the Gallery uses) as well as the repointing needed for brickwork. And it looks really nice to boot.

Always good to learn about a new material and we thought it was fun to have two buildings in the same issue trying, in some ways, to do similar things.

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