July 10, 2009

Our local guerilla gardener

We've always been fans of guerilla gardening - citizens planting flowers, or vegetables, in patches of unloved urban dirt. So we were particularly pleased to see that even Essex now has its own guerilla gardener - the "selfstyled Human Shrub". And he's made it into the Guardian.

'The self-styled Human Shrub, covered in green foliage, struck for the second time on Sunday when he replaced weeds with flowers to transform dormant plant containers in Colchester, eastern England...The shrub, whose identity remains a secret, first emerged earlier this year when he protested in full plant regalia outside the town hall against Colchester council's plan to turf over rose beds to save money. He waved a banner urging people to "save his brothers the shrubs, and sisters the roses".'

In a wonderful clash of cultures, the council member responsible for parks said "If the Human Shrub is crossing dual carriageways in order to make a political point then I think he is being very irresponsible." I'm not sure health and safety was the first thing on the mind of this wonderful reincarnation of the ancient Green Man. Green Men have had a particular presence in the east of England and we love this new one with his full costume of moss.

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