April 1, 2009

Jerwood Gallery submitted for planning

We should have posted about this earlier, but our designs for the proposed new Jerwood Gallery in Hastings were submitted for planning around a month ago. We had three days of public exhibition/consultation in Hastings following the submission, with over 2000 people through the doors, and we were very pleased that despite some of the controversy about the project, the vast majority of the feedback was extremely positive. Thanks to everyone who came along!

Above are a couple of images of the project and the model that we showed at the exhibition (click for a larger version). The cladding of the gallery is proposed to be a dark pewter glazed ceramic rainscreen, similar in tone to some of the mathematical tiles local to the area, which we hope will catch and reflect the wonderful seaside light and the changing weather, dematerialising the mass of the building to a certain extent. The glaze has an oily sheen and a hand-made quality (we have been talking to a small local glaze manufacturer) which we hope will give the building texture and interest close-up as well as the larger-scale effect of the tiling.

The other buildings that form the masterplan (which we developed for Hastings Borough Council) and the landscaping of the new public space are being designed by Tim Ronalds and J&L Gibbons Landscape Architects and it's been a really fruitful collaboration.

In due course we will post more detail about the project up here, but we thought a quick update was overdue!


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