February 5, 2008

Football Tuesday

At HAT we love football: we are annually bankrupted by our season tickets to North London's finest and daily readers of the best football blog. So we love this seasonal post about Shrove Tuesday football and the landscape of the playing field over at Sam Jacobs' blog, StrangeHarvest.

It also reminds me of the lovely project Play or Rewind by Cliostraat that superimposed games pitches onto the streets and piazzas of Siena.

Of course, urban games (Shoreditch golf, etc) are hip now, and football in the street features in glossy Nike advertisements and computer games, but surely the appeal of these comes from the fact that boys still kick balls against walls; use gates as goals; and the myth of Brazilian and African superstar players honing their skills barefoot in dusty urban streets. The formal pitch markings may have abstracted an urban landscape, as Jacobs speculates, but they are constantly being mutated back into urban specificity in return.


Blogger dualta said...

Doing my thesis on football and architecture. Thanks so much for these!

October 24, 2010 at 5:20 PM  

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