January 29, 2008


Another great site from the guys at MySociety, designers of ultra-simple and ultra-brilliant websites that enable us to write to our elected representatives, get your council to fix those broken streetlights, make communal pledges, and more. Now you can get email updates whenever a planning application is filed in your local area (up to a 2km radius) through PlanningAlerts.com.

They've also done some more work on their brilliant travel time maps, integrating all sorts of fantastic stuff (how about being able to easily see where you should buy a house given your price range and the length of time you want to commute to work? or whether it is quicker to drive or take the bus?)

I just wish that someone (i.e. the Department of Transport) would give them some proper funding so they could roll this out for the public to use, rather than just drip-funding another little teaser. This web app would be so incredibly useful for anyone working in planning and, I bet, would turn a few accepted wisdoms on their heads about where new development should be encouraged if we really want to promote public transport...


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Those maps are amazing, especially linked with the house prices.

February 5, 2008 at 11:39 AM  

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